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“…You too?”

"Can I?"

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


“…Just Jellal is fine.” He leaned against the counter, turning to examine his coat. It was ripped and the one sleeve was bloody and smeared with other things he wouldn’t mention due to the impact of smashing into the zombie’s face.

It was a little too hot in the infirmary, however, so he took it off and tossed it over a nearby chair. He took the time to examine the room, and now he realized something weird. If this was the infirmary, isn’t this where people would head first? And yet there was no one here, the room completely spotless. Not a speck of blood or hint of zombie anywhere.

It wasn’t natural. Especially considering what was going on. Now he felt suspicious, his eyes now taking to time to drink in every little detail of the room. 


It was neat, too neat. The needles and materials in the exact same place as they should be. Where were the nurses? The doctors? The attendants? He was going to guess dead, somewhere else, or still fighting somewhere. He would have figured they would have more common sense to stay where it was safe, but apparently not.

His examination was slightly paused once he noticed the girl speak softly, although he wasn’t sure of the word. She pulled out a pack of cards, but her body was trembling too violently to play with them. She set them down, an odd look coming over her face. He wasn’t one to usually care for the wellbeing of others, but he couldn’t have her having a breakdown.

“Go to sleep. It’ll make you feel better.” He dismisses her after that, going back to scour the other cabinets and the freezer for other things they might be able to use.

"J-Jellal then~" Just Jellal… Did that make them friends then? The thought made her smile a little brighter. She let out a small giggle, her eyes staring at her lap. Her thumbs twirling about one another silently. The smile still fixed on her features. She could almost forget all the scary things that were happening.

She tried her best to stop her shaking, and any sign of fear. Her eyes glancing up at the man as he spoke to her. She let out a small breath. A quick smile and nod. “I-I will.” Or she’d try too. The girl pulled off her other shoe, shifting in the bed, her injured foot moving gently to the bed. There was the sound of a muffled squeak as she banged it off the side of the bed. Her hands covering her mouth to keep the sound from coming out too loud.

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes but she pushed it back immediately as she rested the ankle on the bed. It hurt! “Eh heh~” She let out a slight giggle giving a peace sign to the man in case she had made him worry. She grabbed one of the pillows on the bed and propped her foot on it before laying back on the bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling silently.

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


He examined the purpling bruising on her ankle, his eyebrows furrowing. It didn’t look good at all. He started to gently wrap the ace bandage around it, alternating from the ankle to the foot. He was completely silent while doing this, only looking up when she introduced herself.

“My name’s Kamio, Misuzu… We didn’t really get a chance to introduce ourselves.”

He paused, and continued wrapping without losing his cool. 

“…Jellal. Jellal Fernandes.”

He stopped once there was enough bandage. He then pulled the metal clasps from the pile next to him, clipping them onto the thick wrapping to keep it in place. He got up and stretched his arms, turning his gaze to the door where a muffled banging could be heard. He doubted it was human, though, so he ignored it. 

"Eh heh~ Nice to meet you Mister Fernandes." Was he her sempai or her sensei? He didn’t look that that much older than her, but she couldn’t be sure. She just let out a silent giggle, flinching a little at the pain of her ankle being wrapped, but otherwise made no signs of it hurting.

She tugged at some hair and played with it. Her eyes glancing at the door before looking away from it quickly. She didn’t want to think about what was on the other side. The zombie creatures were terrifying. She’d seen them eating one another, killing one another. The girl just wanted to curl up and cry. Or go home… Or both. She couldn’t handle this at all. Why couldn’t this have just been a normal school? Why was it so weird.

"Gao…" She muttered the sound in a low voice. She shifted keeping the ankle up on the stool. You were supposed to keep them elevated right. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a deck of cards. Her hands shaking as she stared at them. Soon she sat them down beside her again. She couldn’t even stop shaking enough to play a card game or keep herself distracted.

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


The grip around his neck was tightening, and was getting slightly uncomfortable. He shrugged it off, however. He didn’t need distractions right now. He dodged the groping fingers of another zombie, his eyes darting around.

Find a room, find a safe area, rest for a bit. It was mostly what was on his mind. His eyes locked on a pure white door with a small pile of bodies outside the door. It was the name on the door he was paying most attention too, however.

The Infirmary.


He noticed one ex-student lingering nearly right in front of the door, and he put on a burst of speed before throwing out his free arm and launching an elbow straight into it’s face. The teeth didn’t break the thick material of his coat, luckily. It fell to the ground and didn’t get back up again. He wrapped a gloved hand around the handle and turned it. Locked. He grimaced before taking a step back and launching a foot into the material. It budged, but not by much. He repeated the action once, twice, three times until the edge finally splintered and the door gave way.

He quickly entered and hurried over the infirmary’s bed. He turned around and knelt down, letting her sit down before unwrapping her arms and quickly rushing back to the door to close it. The broken lock wouldn’t hold long, however, so he looked around until his eyes landed on the desk. He grabbed the edge and dragged it across the tile to stay in front of the door. It would suffice.

He leaned against the desk and sighed, running a hand through his hair. This whole epidemic was a pain. He gave himself a few seconds of rest before turning his attention back to the injured girl. He turned and started rummaging through the cabinets. Eventually he found Ace Bandage in one of the less-used cabinets. He grabbed a stool and walked back over to the bed, placing the stool in front of her leg. 

“Put your ankle up on here. I’ll wrap it up.”

She really was trouble wasn’t she? The girl had finally opened her eyes when he had first started kicking at the door. Was that smart? What about after they were inside? How would they keep the zombies out? She just stared quietly as he made his way over to the bed. Quickly she let go and shifted her weight onto it.

Once again she felt useless as she watched him barricade the door. Instead of saying anything she just lowered her gaze to her lap. Good leg swinging back and fourth in the air silently. She almost jumped when he spoke to her, her eyes turning from him to the stool. Carefully she lifted her injured foot. Leaning forward she removed the shoe and sock to reveal the already swollen ankle. It hurt just to look at it, so she didn’t. Instead her eyes turned back to the man.

"My name’s Kamio, Misuzu… We didn’t really get a chance to introduce ourselves." The smile came back on her face as she made small talk, almost as though there were no zombies or anything to worry about. The less she thought about them, the more it felt like it could all be a distant dream…

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


He didn’t so much as flinch, his face betraying nothing as the shambling boy got closer. Once she was firmly on his back, he rose to his feet. He moved one harm under her un-injured leg, moving the other hand to tug at his jacket collar. This was getting irritating.

He watched the swaying movements as the undead drew closer, it’s mouth a gaping black hole. His eyes followed it’s movements until it swayed a little too much to the left and fell over. Perfect timing.

He suddenly bolted forward, skirting around the fallen creature and hurrying down the hall. He was fast, too fast for the zombies who shambled out of the open classrooms, drawn by the sound of his feet. He kept his eyes on the path ahead, not paying attention to anything else. All that mattered was getting somewhere to think things out. It would take too much time to kill everyone he came across, and they honestly weren’t worth the effort.

She held her breath. Her hands gripping one another so tightly that her knuckles were beginning to turn white. Her teeth biting hard on her bottom lip to keep from breaking out screaming or sobbing. She did her best to tune out the world around them. Think happy thoughts. Think of flying, the air, the sky, sunflowers. Happy things.

She let out the breath shakily and took another deep inhale. Calm. She kept telling herself quietly to remain calm. If she was too loud now she might attract extra attention. She’d already caused the man enough trouble. She didn’t want to break down while on his back. And she definitely didn’t want to make things harder than they already were.

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


His eyes widened as the girl suddenly tripped, sending her down the rest of the stairs. How could somebody be that clumsy…?

He winced a tiny bit once she hit the bottom, noticing her ankle was twisted in a rather painful-looking fashion. He was shaken out of his musings as a moan ripped through the air, and he realized the sound of her fall must have attracted negative attention.

He gripped the edge of the support bar before swinging himself over, landing beside her. He watched as one of those things stumbled out of a classroom, slowly turning to face them. The stupid girl still had a smile on her face, and he nearly facepalmed.

He knelt down gently probed her ankle, noticing her wince and tear up. “…I think it’s sprained.” Great, this was just what he needed. He couldn’t exactly just leave her, but he was beginning to regret running into her…. 

What could he do? He had an idea, but how ridiculous would he look doing it? He sighed, and turned to face the approaching undead, shifting his body so his back was towards her. He turned and gave her a stern look, as if urging her to hurry up.

“I’m going to carry you. Get on.” 

She winced at the probing of her ankle. It hurt. “Eh?! I-I’m alright.” She told him quickly shaking her head and waving her hands frantically as if to ward him off. But the action almost sent her toppling over again, thanks to the fact she no longer had the support of the wall. She caught herself this time before she fell again. Her eyes falling to the ground.

A flush of embarrassment crossed over her face. “G-gao…” She glanced up to meet the scary look on his face. Quickly she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Her face rested between her arm and his neck. Her hands gripping one another as she lifted herself onto his back. This must have been awkward for him as it was for her. She wasn’t used to getting piggy-backs.

"Thank you…" She murmured with a forced giggle Eyes squeezing shut tightly at the sound of the approaching zombies.

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


He started walking at an even pace, the girl huddled close to him keeping up. His eyes slid over everything, examining every nook and cranny in sight to make sure nothing would pop out. 

His gaze drifted over to the much smaller girl, who seemed to be focusing on smiling. Was she attempting to make it better by pretending nothing was happening? Not surprising, children tended to do that. He had done the same in the past….

He pulled her along a little faster once he heard a noise ahead. He stopped at an area where the hallways branched off two ways. One was a continuing hallway, the other lead to a staircase. From what he could see, both were void of the undead, but you could never be too careful. He narrowed his eyes as he eyed the staircase. The noise had come from the opposite, so it would better to go this way. There might be others on the lower floors, after all.

He tugged her hand and directed her down the hallway towards the stairwell. Once they reached it, he peered over the edge, trying to catch sight of any movement. There was nothing, so he leaned back and began to softly treck down the stairs. He gestured for her to follow. 

She stayed close, her smile never faltering as they moved. At least not until they came to the crossroads. Her eyes turned from the stairs to the hallway. He seemed to deem it safer to go down the staircase. So she supposed it was probably for the best to fallow him. She let go of the hand and started down the steps. Sh hadn’t even reached the third step before she slipped.

She fell the rest of the way to the bottom. A small grunt as she lay there for a second. “Eh heh.” She hid any signs of pain as she got to her hands and knees. That hurt. But she was used to tripping and falling. So it wasn’t that bad.

She stood up and almost wish she hadn’t. She let out a barely audible squeak as she fell to one knee, her hands wrapping around the pained ankle. It hurt! Why was she so clumsy. “Gao…” She muttered tears forming, but quickly pushed them back again. She stood up and put all of her weight on the uninjured leg. She let out a small giggle scratching at her cheek as she smiled up at the teacher again.

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


She seemed a bit disoriented, and it took her a few seconds to actually process what he said. He watched as she held up a shaking hand and clasped his, slowly getting to her feet. She was gazing at the ground, looking ready to cry again. He sighed, letting her tighten her grip.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” Jellal didn’t want her constantly apologizing while she was with him, it would get irritating. The holding hands was enough for him. He would attempt to let go but she was desperately clinging to his hand like she didn’t want to let go. Like he was her lifeline.

“Let’s go. Lingering around here won’t do us much good.” It was time to assess how bad the situation was. If the slight screaming in the distance was a good indicator, it probably wasn’t looking too good.

She was often told to keep smiling, by nearly everyone who she was around. So… instead of crying again, a smile found it’s way to her face. She nodded her other hand coming up to grip the hand she was holding onto as well.

"V…" She said raising two fingers in a peace sign. As she moved closer, trying to force herself to be calm. It was a little bit easier with someone else around. Instead of just being all alone, and about to be attacked who knew when. At least she was now with someone strong, and nice seeming. She didn’t really want to go anywhere… but she would if he insisted. She’d rather just find a nice safe place to hole up in. Not that she was going to say that out loud.

She let out a faint laugh as she moved closer to the man. She tried not to listen to the distant sounds. It’d only work her up more and cause her to get even more scared. She didn’t want to hear the screaming, or the sounds of people eating one another. Or any of the sounds of fighting.

The Dead Don’t Deserve Pity (( Zombie Event Open ))


Jellal was not expecting to see a sobbing freshman behind him. She seemed a little too young for school, but then again appearances can be deceiving. He knew that personally. He watched as she fell to her knees, tears rolling down her cheeks, the utter fear on her face changing to relief.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He wasn’t exactly pleased about having to deal with children, but he knew at one time he had felt similar fear. He paused once he noticed her glance up, a scream exiting her mouth as she scrambled back. This made the mage’s head whip around, to see the girl from before staggering towards him, blood oozing out of her mouth.


He pointed both of his hands forward, the familiar feeling of magic gathering flooding through his body. There was a bright shine of light as the Heavenly Magic beams shot forward and tore through the undead’s soft tissue, causing it to fall to the floor, unmoving.

He let his hands drop to his sides before turning his attention back the crying mess of a girl. He appeared to weigh his options before giving an aggravated sigh before talking towards her, the tap of his shoes echoing throughout the silent hallway. He stood in front of her before slowly holding out a hand.

“Come with me.”

“It’s better than being here alone.”

She stared at the strange magic that he pulled off. The zombie stopped moving, and the girl could just stare. What had just happened? She couldn’t even understand it… Instead the blue eyes continued to fix on the body as though it would start moving again.

It wasn’t until he had spoke to her that she realized he was standing in front of her. Her gaze drifting nervously to his hand. She reached her hand out and took hold of his, the other one swiping away the tears that were still forming. Her shaking continued but she seemed to get enough courage to stand up. She stood silently eyes drifting to the ground again. She’d just end up in his way wouldn’t she?

"T-thank you…" Her voice came out in a barely audible whisper. Her uncertain grip grew a little tighter. She didn’t want to let go. She was scared. And she wasn’t ready to let go. He wasn’t scary like the other people were. And he was nice enough to ask her to come with him.